The good and bad about the coffee

Coffee is one of the most admired drinks among the people throughout the world and it is also a mega business. In fact, the coffee plants are cultivated in more than 70 countries in the world. Due to this widespread popularity, it is not a surprise that most of the people have wondered about drinking coffee. As well, the coffee has the stimulant which is named as the Caffeine and it provides more refreshment to the mind and body. However, it is more addictive. So, a large number of people are confused about whether coffee is bad for you.  In this article, you can see the reason for this statement in a clear manner. 

If you are a regular coffee drinker, then you need to know some interesting facts about the coffee to be aware of.  Besides the caffeine, the coffee also contains that natural blend of the polyphenol antioxidants, B vitamins, bioflavonoids and minerals like potassium, magnesium and chromium. However, all of these things are highly effective to increase the stability and stamina of the body. In addition to that, coffee can also activate the DNA level in our body. 

In fact, the medical advice from organizations like the American Heart Association has indicated that coffee may lead to high blood pressure and also can have some bad effects for your heart. In addition to that, coffee can also be the main cause of ulcer problems. However, these researches are made in the past decade. But, the present research about coffee has provided the best things about the coffee. 

As the coffee is having the caffeine stimulant, it can lead to some feelings of anxiety and irritability. So, if you drink too much coffee, then it surely makes you feel stressed or overly anxious about even the normal things. In that way, the person who drinks coffee in excess can face problems like irregular heartbeat, increased heartbeat, higher blood pressure and more. 

The recent study has been said that the moderate consumption of coffee on a regular basis can reverse cognitive impairment.  As well as, it is also beneficial for reducing the risks of cancer, diabetes and more. In addition to that, coffee is also effective to stabilize the level of the sugar in your blood and it is also beneficial for the heart. However, coffee can also minimize the risk of many diseases as follows.

  • Different kinds of cancer like breast, kidney, liver and colon 
  • Alzheimer’s diseases
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Parkinson’s diseases
  • Heart problems
  • Prostate cancer

However, all these benefits can only be availed when you take the coffee at the average level. Otherwise, it can cause some problems. So, it is important to consider the level of the caffeine before you take the coffee. In this way, you can see the solution for the question is coffee is bad for you. Therefore, you can try to decrease the level of coffee intake to avoid the health risks.

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