Steps in how to stop drinking coffee easily

Many of us are addicted to coffee or soft drinks but they are very bad for our teeth, bones and will increase our waist line. Even diet coffee is dangerous for our health so it is good to avoid them permanently from our diet. The coffee has a pleasant taste and wonderful fizz but consuming it regularly after dinner or while watching a movie is not good for our health. People who have awesome six packs will also face health issues if they even consume the drinks occasionally. Therefore cutting back coffee will benefit your weight and overall health of your body, some of the ideas to reduce coffee are given below. 

The risk of drinking coffee is we may likely have more calories in every sip of it, the calories provided by coffee will be nearly empty and it does not have any vitamin or mineral supplement in it. And the coffee does not have healthy carbohydrates thus drinking them is not beneficial for our body. consuming coffee provides more harm to the body than its benefits, because consuming coffee will result in tooth decay and it also causes diabetes in our body. The phosphorus in coffee will affect the bones in our body so instead of taking a harmful drink we can consume the best beverage called milk. Because they are rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals and other supplements so taking it instead of coffee will enrich our body. 

The sugar free coffee does not have more calories than the regular one but it will not help people to lose their weight. In recent research shows that people who drink diet coffee will likely to become obese or overweight than the regular coffee drinkers. The diet coffee will also have the same health hazards as regular coffee like bone thinning, tooth decay, diabetics, etc. the diet coffee is linked to mental depression and stress in women so avoiding it or switching it with another beverage is the best option to choose. Avoiding diet coffee will eliminate excess calories from your body and provide good health and energy. So this is my coffee tips coffee from our diet. 

Mixing coffee            

People cannot completely avoid coffee from their diet so they can drink it by mixing it with water, half a bottle of coffee can be mixed with half a bottle of water. This perfect mixing will reduce the sugar in the coffee and it will hydrate our body and do not cause more side effects in us people can easily reduce the calorie intake by mixing the coffee with water. 

Choose unsweetened tea instead of coffee People who love caffeine boost when they wake up can just choose iced tea without sugar. It is a perfect replacement for coffee and it does not contain more calories or health hazards like coffee . If you do not like plain tea you can mix lemon or mint for extra flavor and taste, these are my coffee tips

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