The new variety of making Coffee Cake recipes from scratch

When talking about coffee cakes and sweets automatically our mouth starts to water out and spell out words like I like that give me more.  It’s the main tendency of the sweetness which covers each and everyone at the sight of it. There is no age limit for the likings for the sweets and that too cakes play a vital role in the taste formation of the habit much more than other sweeties.  Coffee Cakes were introduced to this world centuries before and the taste of it started to spread outside the place from where It was prepared and served at first. There are people who sit and eagerly wait for the newly derived recipes of the cakes, Greeks were the first to introduce the cake and later on it was followed by the rest of the people in the world to have acquired the taste of it for the most. This taste is the main thing for the country people on western continents and subcontinents where they always look for the better choice and change in life and food habits. Ingredients used for the preparation of the coffee cake recipes from scratch are very simple and easy to do as well. When it comes to coffee cakes we are big proponents of from-scratch, as opposed to box mixes. This is not an elitist thinking position; rather, we feel that the packaged food industry has hoodwinked us all into box mixes faster than from-scratch cakes. They really are not, and the taste trade off is huge.

There are about more than 25 varieties in preparing the cake from scratch, they are outnumbered in their makings and tough to be outlasted in this world of taste and sweetness. You can control the kinds of fats, sugars, and flours you use. According to Clarke, most commercial mixes contain hydrogenated fats, additives, preservatives, and a lot of salt. They can also include artificial colors and flavorings, which have been linked to ADHD disorders.

Home-baked cakes, on the other hand, can use plain whole ingredients – organic sugar, flour, fresh butter. You can sub in a little whole wheat flour if you want. You can add fruits and vegetables to add moisture, flavor, and texture – like in our Velvety Beet and Cocoa Cake.

The varieties are hummingbird cake, pineapple –upside down, red velvet cake, apple cake and etc. we all are awaiting for the daily inventions in the recipes of the cakes and sweets. Here is a sample of the making of a cake 

Plain Vanilla Cake


All purpose Flour – 250 gm

Baking powder- 1 tsp

Butter- 150 gm

Ghee- 100 gm

Powdered sugar- 250 gm

Vanilla essence- 5 drops

Milk- 3 tsp

 Egg- 3 or 4 (should weigh 250 gm) 

The other one will be like preparing a chocolate flavor and the things needed in for it would be 

 Easy Chocolate cake

All purpose Flour- 150 gm

Coffee – 100 gm

Baking powder- 1 tsp

Butter-250 gm

Eggs- 3 to 4 (should weigh 250 gm)

Powdered sugar- 250 gm

Vanilla essence- 4 drops

Milk- 3 tsp

There is a lot more to do with the scratch form but whatever you consume you will not feel satisfied at last when it comes to cakes.

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