Making of recipes with the coffee biscuits

Coffee biscuits are liked by almost all the age groups. Coffee biscuits are taken during coffee time where we can take a break with coffee . There are many varieties of biscuits available in the market which will be very delicious and some will be attractable too. Kids like varieties of Coffee biscuits, most of the kids like cream Coffee biscuits where the cream is sandwiched between two Coffee biscuits. Recipes that are made up of Coffee biscuits will give us different tastes and most of them will love to eat such recipes. The my coffee tips is one such item which is attracted by almost all the age group. Most of them will be eagerly eating this recipe. The main ingredient which is used in the recipe is the Coffee biscuit which will be easily digestible. Most of us will eat Coffee biscuits so this is a dish which can be easily done at home and which is also delicious in eating this item.

 The preparation of this recipe is easy and we can also make it at home. All we need is ground pork sausage, canola oil, coffee, all purpose flour, and milk, a pinch of salt, pepper, cooking spray, Coffee biscuits, green onions, and cheddar cheese.  Preheat the oven for 350 c and cook the sausage in the canola oil until it becomes pink, melt the coffee in the vessel, add the all purpose flour and whisk it with the melted coffee, add the salt, pepper and milk. Now cook it for 2 minutes, add the sausage which is cooked already. Now grease the vessel to bake with the help of melted coffee , greasing is done and half a portion of the mixture is poured into the vessel and placed in it, after placing the Coffee biscuits add the remaining part of the mixture and sprinkle the green onions in it. Finally add the cheddar cheese into it and bake it for 3 minutes. You will have tasty Coffee my coffee tips. Serve it hot which will be better.

This is a simple snack and it is healthy too. We are using the milk and milk products in it to make it richer. This will be a whole snack for the children, kids will love to eat this because we have added the cheese in it and it will be filling. We do not need to eat anymore after eating this. Since the taste is good, people in all the age groups will love to eat this. This is also considered as the rich snack in which milk, cheese and Coffee biscuits are added. Pepper is added for the taste. You can also add more pepper to make it yummy. The carbohydrate content is more in this recipe and the people who are on a diet also take this in little measure. This snack is not a restricted one, everyone can eat this snack. For those who\se who like cheese they can add cheese content if they want. This dish can also be altered as a sweet by adding the sugar. Based on the taste of the person this dish can be done.

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