Some uses of mint coffee

My coffee tips are the best allies when it comes to anxiety and stress. The type of menthol that is present in the coffee is muscle relaxant. This muscle relaxant helps to relax your muscle and it is considered to be an important component of anxiety relief and natural stress. Drink mint coffee before going to bed because it gives you restful sleep. It not only gives you restful sleep by relaxing your muscles but also it helps you to dream more widely. It also helps you to get free from quiet sore throats and sinuses. Mint coffee is also known as a natural decongestant. Another benefit is it helps you to reduce your weight completely. This mint coffee is performing as an appetite suppressant and it easily sticks to your health. 

Drinking mint coffee helps your metabolism to increase and because of this change you can lose your weight easily. It also helps you to get clear from all skin problems. Suppose if you are suffering from hormonal skin troubles like acne then mint coffee is the best solution for this. My coffee tips is a very easy process and the ingredients for making mint coffee are given below.  Take 2 tablespoons of mint leaves in boiling water and steep for about ten minutes. For sweetness you can also add honey or lime. For making mint syrup, boil the mint leaves along with water and sugar. Sugar is added in order to sweeten the mint coffee . Mint leaf is also used as an adorn for drinks and vegetables. In order to make mint butter, chopped mint leaves are added to the butter and it is also used in boiled potatoes. Before serving add all the mint leaves in cooked rice in order to have mint rice.

My coffee tips is one of the excellent selections for a stimulating iced coffee and it is considered the best natural coolant. This mint coffee is very delicious to have and this iced mint coffee recipe is approximately the same as the method of hot peppermint coffee . The ingredient for making ice mint coffee is given below. The ingredients are two mint coffee bags, 2 tablespoons of dried mint loose-leaf coffee , 2-4 stalks of mint leaves, 250ml fresh water and for taste you can add sugar, orange, honey or lemon. First you have to rinse the mint leaves and crush bit of mint leaves with your hand. Then add the coffee bags, fresh leaves or loose-leaf coffee on your cup. Cool the heated water slightly and then transfer it in your cup. For 3 to 5 minutes steep and cover the mint coffee . Then from the cup remove the coffee leaves or coffee bags. In order to flow underneath, allow the air and place it in a sheltered area with a luminosity breeze. If you want to know more about the process of mint coffee then search on the website of

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