Different and Delicious coffee recipes of muffins

Most of the people are confused in providing their kids with what kind of lunch each and every day and also they are bored to have the same biscuits and buns during the tea time. For those people, there is a great option to try out the different varieties of muffins. If you search on the internet, you will be able to get a variety of recipes with muffins available. One of my favorite recipes is coffee muffin and some recipes are vanilla flavored muffins, chocolate muffins, strawberry muffins and more. 

To have the vanilla flavored muffins, people have to add each twelve tablespoons of flour, castor sugar, and also butter. It is also compulsory to add one and half tablespoons of baking powder and three eggs. Once if it is combined together, people can able to have silky and smooth batter. By filling in the mold of muffin, one can enjoy the vanilla flavored muffins. People can add the same ingredients but instead of twelve spoons of flour, it is necessary to add two spoon of cocoa powder and ten spoon of flour to have chocolate muffins. 

If people want to add some decorations in muffins, they can create their own idea of adding some ingredients in muffins. The better option is they can add some coffee to have the muffins with coffee. To have the tasty and delicious coffee muffins, it is better to decrease the sugar amount and instead of that add some honey. Most of the kids love strawberry flavor so parents can add some syrup to get the muffins. If the syrup is not available at home, people can simply make the strawberry syrup on their own. Take some strawberries and heat them in a saucepan. Add some sugar which will help to provide thick syrup with a sweet taste. By adding the strawberry syrup one can enjoy with the strawberry muffins. The same way people can have coffee muffins

Whatever kind of taste and flavor, people can make their own syrup to achieve the appropriate taste. With these different muffins, you can provide your child with varieties of muffins and even you can take it during tea time or breakfast. This will add a special variety in every table and it allows tasting and enjoying the different flavors but with a little modification in their recipe. Once the parents try with a single flavor of muffins, they are able to make different flavors of recipes in muffins. They can even make different toppings to create colorful and enjoyable muffins. 

If you concentrate on their taste it is also important to concentrate on the outward presentation and appearance. People can decorate them with some cream or marshmallow. One can enjoy the coffee muffins with the different varieties of chocolate chips, sprinklers and some toppings. These different flavor muffins are perfect for any birthday parties, marriage functions and some special events. To understand some more recipes of muffins, please visit some muffin websites to have tasty and delicious recipes. 

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