The Butter Cake with Coffee Ganache Frosting

We can do a lot of experiments with Coffee ganache frosting. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful touches of each cake at a dinner table. Perhaps, the most complicated issue is how to manage the result of proper frosting, so that it can melt properly as a part of topping. But, everything can be learned easily as long as you can set the temperature just before the processing of coffee. Perhaps, one of the most straightforward examples is to make Coffee buttercream frosting. We can create many variations such as the use of cookies or creating cake. In the meantime, it would be the sweetest and tender dish at your party.

The Chocolate and Butter Cream Ingredients

Preparation is the availability of food ingredients.

Later, we will discuss a bit about the coffee ganache frosting. But this time, we will create a coffee buttercream cake, with an estimate of about ten people. So, prepare 75 g cornstarch, 100 grams of flour, 25 grams of cocoa powder, 60 ml of cooking oil, 125 grams sugar, and 9 eggs. For butter cream, you have to provide 400 g of coffee bars, and do not forget to melt it. Then, 750 g unsalted butter, 80 ml ​​of water, 200 grams sugar, and 3 eggs.

The Baking Process

How will we make it before coffee ganache frosting? Well, it would be the same as making a cake. You have to stir all ingredients until mixed food. For eggs and sugar, you need to whisk them until fluffy. When you are finished with your mixer, please enter the flour alternately with cooking oil, and stir until blended. After that, you have to pour them into the mold box and bake at 170 degrees Celsius. Note that for half an hour. 

Then you have to allow it to cool down. Normally, it would not be too long. Moreover, it is the menu for the standard size. But it would be nice if you could provide more molds. So you can save a lot of time.

Next is a coffee ganache frosting. You have to whisk all the eggs until fluffy. After that, pour them in a container. While waiting for some time, you cook sugar and water. Allow them to boil. In hot conditions, you pour it into the fluffy eggs. Stir constantly until slightly cool. Then pour the unsalted butter and shake until fluffy. Finally, you pour the melted coffee, and stir until blended. Set aside.

Once everything is finished, you can cut them into several pieces. Naturally, it will consist of ten pieces. To beautify it, you can supplement with some decorations such as small fruit or contour. Indeed, it should be set such that it will not be bad. Once again, you must pay attention to the question of the proper temperature to melt the coffee. It will be difficult when you have a coffee bar in a state that is too hard. Most people have made ​​mistakes in their refrigerator. So, it’s good to always learn about coffee ganache frosting.

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