Moving on to our next coffee,

Moving on to our next coffee, the Decaf Organic Fair Trade Twilight. Quite a mouthful to say, don’t you think. There are two things about this coffee that I like – the taste and how it was made.

First of all, by being fair trade, I’m sure that those hardworking coffee farmers are paid right for their jobs. Good for them. Good for Seattle’s Best, too. Also, the fact that everything done to the coffee is organic – from growing to harvesting, cleaning to decaffeinating – people who might be allergic to chemical residues from the usual coffee processing materials can rest easy.

Now that we’re done with that, let’s move over to the taste. One whiff of the brewing batch and I could easily tell that it’s a good morning cup. It tasted roast-y, which is what I really like in my morning coffee. However, the slight hint of smokiness could mean it’s been roasted a tad too long. But hey, I think that was actually part of the charm.

Those who can’t tolerate acidic beverages can have their chance to enjoy the Decaf Organic Fair Trade Twilight because it didn’t seem all that acidic to me.

Taking it with freshly toasted bread or newly baked muffins seem like a good pair to the coffee’s robust flavor and smooth finish.

But hey, why don’t we talk about your take on my coffee tips? If you’ve tried the Decaf Organic Fair Trade Twilight, why don’t you share what you think of it over at the comments section?

I’ve tried out a handful of single serve, pod-coffee makers and most of them are rather inflexible. Most of them are incapable of accommodating a different size of coffee pod. The problem with coffee pods is, some brands come in a variety of sizes.

I wished for a long time that someone would make one that wasn’t choosy when it comes to coffee pod sizes. That was until I came across the Bunn My Cafe MCU Coffee Maker.

A versatile piece of equipment, this is, as you can use any size of coffee pod in the market. Instead of your usual coffee pod holder, the package comes with a tray that you can use to make the machine accommodate a different size coffee pod.

To prove how versatile this machine is, it can also make tea. It has a separate holder for making tea, so you don’t have to worry about your tea tasting like coffee or vice versa.

You can also adjust the brew size according to your preference. You can choose anywhere from a 4 to 12 oz cup. The water reservoir is also big enough to make more than one brew without having to refill it.

A lot of people don’t like how this machine looks, but the make appears sturdy to me. The color is classic enough, just your average silver and black. The drip area is pretty big so you can put just about any size of mug you want for your coffee.

One of the bigger concerns people have about the Bunn My Cafe MCU Coffee Maker is its price. It can be quite heavy on the budget. But I guess if you’re not afraid of spending a little extra for the quality, then this would be a nice piece of machine to own.

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