Indulge your taste buds with a simple and delicious coffee ice cream recipe

There are lots of food products which can tempt people from various parts of the world. A few such products that are preferred by the people world over are coffee and ice cream. Both these foods can make a person of any age group to carve for them due to their flavor and also the soothing effect that it can have on a person. But these products have a lesser effect when they are consumed separately than when consumed together. The best way therefore to make the people have a better reason to rejoice about therefore would be by combining both these products together. There can be nothing more that a person addicted to both caffeine and ice cream could ask for, than a coffee ice cream. Preparing them can actually be easy for people if they follow this simple coffee ice cream recipe. This can be prepared from their homes itself in a very short period of time, rather than go to any shop to buy them. 

Ingredients and related calculations for preparing this dish 

There are a very few ingredients that would be needed for preparing this dish. Once the people have access to all the ingredients, they can whip up a perfect ice cream in almost a jiffy if they follow this coffee ice cream recipe verbatim. The following are the ingredients to whip up coffee ice cream in a very short period of time. The measurements are calculated to help serve a total of 6 members. So they can calculate the quantity based on the number of people they would have to serve. They must have 2 ½ cups of milk, 1 tbsp of corn flour, ½ cup sugar, 1½ tbsp of instant coffee powder and ¾ cup of fresh cream and finally ¼ tsp of vanilla essence. There is nothing to cook in this product as all that a person has to do is mix them and freeze them properly. Therefore, it is only the preparation time that people have to consider which would take around 1½ hours to be ready for consumption. 

Simple steps to be followed to prepare a delicious ice cream 

The procedure to prepare this ice cream is simple. They have to first combine the coffee powder with 1 tablespoon of hot water in a cup and mix them well and set them aside till required in the end. The next mixture is the corn flour which is mixed with ½ a cup of milk. The dough is then set aside with the coffee mixture. Rest of the milk is combined with sugar and heated on a pan for around 5 minutes with constant stirring to ensure that they do not get stuck on the pan. Once this is done, the corn flour dough and milk mixture is then added to the milk and sugar mixture and again cooked for about 4 minutes on a low flame. Finally, the coffee mixture is added and then allowed to cool completely. The cream and vanilla essence are then added to it and allowed to freeze for about 6 hours till they are set and then served.

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