Enjoy your favorite rice coffee spy cakes at home

We all need food to survive in this world because food is the major energy provider of the body, when we consume the food it is processed and results in the production of glucose and that glucose will be stored in all body parts to produce energy in our body. The food we eat is calculated in terms of energy per kilograms and it is mentioned in the term called calories, both high calorie and low calorie food are converted into energy and if we compensated the stored energy with our work then there will not be any stored fat or else our body may get accumulated with fatty cells. We have different cuisines available in the world. Each will provide different recipes from different parts of the world. Those foods are tasty and good to eat but we cannot try those foods at home because we may not have the proper ingredients or source to prepare such foods. But the internet has given us the instructions to prepare all the major recipes in simple steps so by using it we can try any kind of dishes at home. We all think that coffee  rice crispy cakes are hard to cook at home but it is one of the easiest dishes which can be cooked within twenty minutes. And it has the goodness of both coffee and rice which is a suitable dish for all ages. The coffee contains a high amount of antioxidants in it which helps in improving our immunity power in the body. Dark coffee is known to reduce blood pressure in the body and it is good for our heart. Cocoa is a very healthy food material available in the world. It can prevent many diseases in the body and help us to lead a healthy life. 

Benefits of coffee and rice  

The rice is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins in it. The unpolished rice is very good for our health and it has high fiber content in it which can help in digestion. The rice in default has lower calories when compared to the grains and it easily gets digested from our body. It is good for infants and children. Whenever we cook rice we should remove the starch content in it because the starch has a high amount of glucose which can result in increased body fat. There are two types : dark and white but comparing both, the coffee dark is considered as the best because it can beat heart attack, blood pressure and even reduce cholesterol levels.

How to prepare coffee rice crispy cakes?

To prepare coffee rice crispy cakes we need 60g of unsalted butter, three grams of golden syrup, hundred grams of rice crisps and a big bar of dark or white coffee . First take a sauce pan and melt the butter and add coffee to it and stir it until the content gets melted completely. Then pour the content into the bun cases and over the top add the rice crisps and allow it to cool for an hour and then enjoy your favorite dish.           

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