Making of the coffee rice crispy cakes

Cakes are the food items which are attracted by the children and other people. Cakes which are made up of coffee will be very yummy and the children will love to eat such recipes. Most of the mothers do not know how to make the coffee rice crispy cakes. Here is the idea that will make you prepare the cake. Most of the people will like to eat the cakes which are made up of the coffee flavor. Since coffee are loved by the people in the world. Making the coffee cakes is easy and that can be prepared in the home itself. Kids will love to eat the cakes so that it will be very interesting for them. Normal cakes will not make the children happy to eat but the coffee cakes will be crunchy and yummy to eat. The preparation time will be 15-20 minutes and the cake will be very fine when it is served chilled. Make sure that you are adding the ingredients to the cake in the correct amount so that the cake will be fine and the cake will be in the correct texture. Making the cake in the correct texture is very important which will make the cake attractable by the people who are looking into it.

Preparing the cake

The ingredients that are needed for the coffee rice crispy cakes are cooking coffee , water to cook, and rice krispies. The method is to heat the coffee in the pan and let it become a liquid state. Till that stir the coffee in the baking pan. If you want to do it for a huge crowd, use a little big coffee so that it will be enough for the people who are coming for the party. After making it into liquid forms add the rice krispies into it and stir it well until the coffee and the rice krispies will mix together finely. After mixing the coffee liquid and the rice, make them into small balls with the help of your hands so that the crispies will be taken in hand. After rolling the coffee and the crispies into the balls, keep that in the refrigerator so that it will be served cool after the preparation.

Way of serving the cakes The crispy balls can be served in the ball served after making it cool. After the crispy balls are cooled, it will be into the correct texture so that we can serve the balls in the plates. To the kids the crispy balls can be served with the coffee sauce so that they will love to eat the cakes like that. After preparing the crispy rice cakes, make them to chill for at least 30 minutes so that it will be in a texture to bite the cakes. Sometimes kids will like to taste the coffee balls so that we can make it half chill for them. Serve the cakes with the coffee sauce. It will be very interesting for the children and they will enjoy eating the recipe. Also make sure that you cool it before serving.

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