Enjoy some of the tastiest and healthy coffee drinks

Every day we face different situations in our life and each situation will result in different emotional moods like happiness, angry, stress, sadness and depressions to overcome all those moods we relax our mind by taking a break. Whenever we take a break we will have a beverage to relax our mind faster and easier, the beverages have a little amount of caffeine which will refresh the brain and help us to work faster. People who are working in the office will take a tea or coffee break more than two times a day because the work pressure and tension will not allow us to think by taking a cup of coffee or tea we can able to work properly. We cannot wake up from the bed without having a beverage; if we fail to have it in the morning feel a slight migraine or headache; this shows how people are addicted towards beverages. The drinks or beverages can be differentiated into two main types they are alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, the alcoholic drinks include beer, vodka, scotch, whiskey, brandy and etc. the non alcoholic drinks are tea, coffee and health drinks. The alcoholic drinks will induce our mind and make us lose our present conscious mind; the non alcoholic drinks will alert our mind and help us to do our work faster and easier. Non-alcoholic drinks are available in all major coffee and tea shops, but having more coffee and tea per day will result in consumption of more calories and it will also result in weight gain and other health diseases. coffee is a coffee shop which offers wide range of beverages to the people but its menu has both high calorie and low calorie beverages but people has to choose the best option for healthy living, some of the my coffee tips are given below. 

Why is it important to have low calorie drinks?

Every human have a particular calorie value for example a adult men needs three thousands calories a day and this value will vary according to our age, sex and body type we should consume foods according to the calorie value defined for our body. if we go on consuming more calories everyday it will result in obesity or being overweight, people who are consuming more beverages will intake more than five hundred calories a day. Because the beverage is made up of milk and sugar which increases the calorie range of the drink and makes it unhealthy. 

Some of the healthy coffee drinks  The coffee has a separate menu for people who are worried about fitness and health, this menu has many drinks which are under two hundred calories some of the my coffee tips are non fat iced caramel, iced coffee, iced tea, teavana and etc. these drinks are under cool beverages, some of the hot options are brewed coffee, tea no fat cappuccino, soy chai and etc.             

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