Coffee rice crispy cakes for an easy snack to your children

The delightful coffee made recipes are always everyone’s favorite and it never matters about the ages and all. The tasty sweet of every bite of coffee in your recipe is overwhelming to all of us and we enjoy such tasty and yummy dishes. The coffee made recipe is very delicious for children and they tend to eat more coffee daily as they have in their habit menu. So you can give them even more delicious coffee with adding some healthy pack-up of fresh ingredients and make them enjoy the goodness of valuable food. One of the famous healthy snack menus is coffee rice crispy cakes that are really tasty and you can do this at home with just a small amount of ingredients available at your home.

You can make this recipe in different ways just by altering the ingredients and this suits best for all kinds of growing ages of children. The ingredients are unsalted butter that has less fat than the salted butter, golden syrup, dark coffee in bar or semi-solid state, rice krispies or corn flakes. This recipe just needs a preparation time of around fifteen to twenty minutes so you can do it fast and serve this in a hot or cool way to your child as a best evening snack. Then start cooking by melting the dark coffee bar in a saucepan or microwave oven in a low heat flame and wait till they become in a greasy state. 

Then add unsalted butter into it and stir them well and add some few spoons of golden syrup in it and it will come to a light thick paste. Finally on the top of this coffee mix add the rice krispies or corn flakes. Make them settle down well in a bowl or plate for a while and serve them in a bowl. This best suits to serve in a cool state and if you want to change the taste then you can serve them in a hot state. You can keep them in a fridge for an hour as it gives you the correct cool state for you to serve it. 

You can even use bran flakes instead of corn or rice krispies and it will give some other mild crispy taste to your coffee recipe. This gives good nutritional value and helps in your child’s physical and mental growth. It is very light and pleasing in nature so any one who doesn’t even like the coffee dishes will have a try to eat it. This can serve different kinds of ages of children by making some small changes in your recipe. The small children can make this recipe by themselves and they do it by measuring each ingredient with a spoon then add items in a bowl and keep in the oven to get that state. The grown-up people can do so by following the mentioned step. So do this at home and enjoy this recipe with your family.

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