Coffee Biscuits and gravy casserole recipe

The sweet delight to your tongue and mouth makes you awesome and happy. There are many mouth watering dessert items that make you want to eat it even if you don’t feel hungry. They are famous in restaurants and always have special places on the cooking menu. They are little children’s favorite dishes and make them happy. They help the moms’ efforts when they want their child to have their meals fully but they won’t have them. They get bored with the things in the meals. They want something crunchy and tasty with amazing coffee. The easy dessert item my coffee tips is a kind of their favorite dessert item and they love it as they have all their desire tasty aspects.

This dessert item gives all the essential nutrition’s to make them grow well and increase mental ability skills. Since it is an easy dessert dish so anyone can do it and the busy moms who want to give healthy and tasty dishes to their child then this is the best option to choose. This requires less time and makes your cooking time effective and you can serve them without adding any extra things. This dessert item needs the ingredients of coffee biscuits, a set of eggs, gravy powder mix, milk, cheese, salt and pepper for taste. The preparation starts with preheating the oven around 350 degrees and use 13*9 size pan and place the coffee biscuits in the bottom of the pan. Before that you can add spray on the pan for making the biscuits firm in its place.

 Then fry the sausage powder to drain and apply it over the coffee biscuits and add cheese over it as a cover layer coating. Then add milk and eggs and get it in a thick consistent form. Then add salt and pepper for taste. Then do the gravy process according to the gravy mix states in the pack and add them finally on the coffee biscuits form and bake them. You can cook them for around 30 to 40 minutes and it will be ready to serve. Then cut them into pieces and serve them hot with any fruit juices. This delicious dessert dish is very easy to do and all you need to do for its best taste is to wait until the biscuits gravy gets full.

 This adds value to the dish’s taste and flavor. It is the perfect dish for your breakfast menu and it uses your cooking time nicely with only needing a little more baking time. During that time you can do your other work and save your time and effort. You can do this recipe by replacing the coffee biscuits to wheat or fiber based biscuits as it is highly nutritious and easily digested and gives you a solid breakfast dish. It takes care of your body and mind fresh and light. You can use any other milk products in it and that also adds taste to this my coffee tips dish. This is a perfect dish for everyone and makes your day healthy and tasty.

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