Simple ways in how to stop drinking coffee

Coffee is bad for our teeth, bones and even increases the fat in our stomach. The coffee is available in different brands with two variants one is diet coffee and another one is regular one. Both the variants are harmful to our body because they contain excessive calories and phosphorus which thins the bone and increases our body weight. Even diet variants will increase our weight because in a recent research scientists had proved that people who drink diet coffee are more likely to become fat than the regular coffee drinkers. So avoiding it is the best thing we can do for our overall health and body development. 

Drinking coffee occasionally will also affect your body though if you are a fit person a minimum intake of coffee will increase your body weight. Doctors and scientists warn that coffee contains more calories than our normal food, so burning those calories is possible only by a regular weight trainer. The main calories that come from coffee are through added sugar. These calories will not contain any minerals, vitamins or good carbohydrates so it is completely unwanted for our body. People who consume coffee regularly will get affected by tooth decay and diabetics as it contains high amounts of phosphorus will reduce the calcium present in our bones. 

So instead of drinking coffee , people can intake a good beverage called milk because it contains high amounts of calcium, vitamins and other minerals that provide a good source of energy to our body. The diet coffee drinkers will not be able to reduce their weight because it has very excessive calories which affect the body and result in other diseases. So people who are willing to maintain or reduce weight should avoid diet coffee from their diet. These are some of the ways involved in my coffee tips. 

Reduce the intake slowly 

People who consume coffee regularly should reduce their consumption slowly for example if they drink coffee everyday then they should first reduce the number of days they consume. Minimizing five days to three or seven days to five will get practiced day by day and we can start reducing the day count until we reach zero. When we take the steps slowly then our body and mind will try to adapt to it and will completely avoid it in all possible ways. Being patient is the best way to cut back coffee from our diet. 

Track your calories 

People who want to stop coffee from their meal should track the calorie intake, for example one glass of coffee contains one forty calories and if you had a large meal then there is no space for one forty calories in your body so you will automatically eliminate it. Our daily calories intake should be around three thousand calories this value will differ based on the person’s age, sex and body size. If your calorie value has been satisfied then you never look back at any food materials thus it is a simple method in my coffee tips.       

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