The Important Compounds of Coffee

Today everyone wants to live long to enjoy life so people have to eat natural food items and drink healthy drinks. The drinks should be effective and must contain important nutritional benefits. Coffee is a refreshment drink which contains effective health benefits so coffee might be a healthy drink. People normally love to drink coffee to get instant energy. The coffee is the right option to maintain a healthy diet because it never holds any cholesterol, fat and other carbohydrates. Actually coffee contains sodium, potassium, protein and other vitamins and minerals. The coffee nutrition facts should be effective for human health benefits. People can easily prevent various health problems by regular drinking of coffee. The users can certainly get excellent health benefits from regular intake of coffee.

A coffee contains different compounds such as antioxidants, caffeine, and other diterpene.  These three compounds are really important to human health improvement so coffee is a much better drink than others. The caffeine is a key compound in coffee and it acts as a middle nervous system stimulant. Normally caffeine is available in kola nuts, cocoa beans, coffee beans and others. Today caffeine is part of various carbonated drinks. One cup of coffee contains 80 to 100 mg of caffeine. The special usages of caffeine are good diet, effective attention, alertness, physical performance and others. However coffee plays a key role in both mental and physical performance. The caffeine is also having some unwanted factors so users should drink only a limited cup of coffee. An antioxidant is a very useful health property which is highly important to be a healthy man. The antioxidant compounds are also part of the coffee and it includes melanoidins, and chlorogenic acids. This antioxidant compound helps to increase the defense cell mechanism.  The human being’s overall health is also improved by drinking coffee because of outstanding antioxidant properties. The diterpene is always present in natural oil that is also contained in coffee. The diterpene helps to level the cholesterol so users can prevent overweight, heart diseases and other problems. The people should know about other compounds of coffee.  Some compounds can be added during the process and storage of coffee beans. Those compounds are furan, acrylamide, and other ochratoxin A.  The acryl amide is one of the compounds and it is formed during the cooking process at high temperature. This compound is mostly formed by roasting, frying and baking except coffee. The furan is another compound of coffee and it is mostly presented in various food items. Normally 10% of furan is presented in roasted coffee beans.  The ochratoxin A is also a compound of coffee and it mostly formed by bad storage of coffee beans. However ochratoxin A is also presented in plenty of food items. The users should be careful with these compounds because those can provide some dangerous health difficulties. Normally health benefits are high in coffee so users can have a cup of coffee regularly. 

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