Easy methods followed in how to stop drinking coffee

Coffee is a dangerous drink we consume after every meal because it contains high amounts of added sugar, caffeine and phosphorus. These three main substances will increase the body weight, affect bone and teeth health and will reduce the body’s metabolic rate. Occasional soft drink sippers will also get affected by the side effects of coffee so eliminating it completely from our diet will improve our overall health and body development. Many believe that diet coffee is better for our health than regular one but it is completely false because both diet and regular variant are same and will provide the same side effects. Apart from that diet will increase the body weight faster than the regular one thus coffee in any form is dangerous for our body and our health. 

Some of the best ways in reducing coffee is minimizing the consumption of it, for example if we are drinking one large glass every day then we can make it half or we can skip the soft drinks for two days from our regular intake. Reducing the days and quantity will get adapted by our body and it will try to stop our addiction towards soda. If you are very keen on calorie consumption then track it every day and if you find that you have consumed more calories than the regular one then reduce the coffee from the diet. A normal glass contains about one hundred and forty calories so cutting back it will help to reduce your body weight. 

People who are addicted to coffee can mix it with water before consumption. For example, filling half a bottle of coffee with half a bottle of water will reduce the sugar present in the coffee . And the sweetened taste in the soft drink will be eliminated so people who drink the mixed composition will get adapted to its taste and they will get fewer side effects. These are some of the methods involved in my coffee tips

Choose other beverages apart from coffee 

Many beverages like tea, coffee and milk are very tastier than coffee and will not highly affect your body health condition. If you want to get the same taste of coffee in a beverage, prepare an unsweetened tea and dash it with lemon or mint for extra taste then enjoy its taste. The beverage contains caffeine like coffee but will not cause obesity, diabetics or tooth decay to any person. So people can consume beverages confidently by eliminating coffee from their daily diet. 

Best alternatives of coffee Water is the best alternative to soda. Refrigerate the water for one hour then pour it in a glass of water then mix the water with berries and summer fruits then enjoy its fruity taste. People will really love the taste of water and berries because it will be just like soft drinks and will be a best alternative. Drinking higher quantities of water than everyday will also cut back the coffee intake, thus these are the methods involved in my coffee tips.

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