Drinking coffee is healthy

Coffee is good and also a little bad for your health. Drinking Coffee in the early morning is used to improve our brain concentration, develop our body speediness and also keeps us alert. Nowadays, most of the people are telling others that coffee is bad for you and stop drinking coffee because it has some disadvantages also. So coffee has advantages and also some disadvantages.

Is it good for your health to drink coffee?

Cardiologists thought that caffeine would develop an arrhythmia called Atrial fibrillation. But, now the results suggest something different and give new information. In this year, study published and shows no increased irregular heartbeats coffee intake. In fact, it would be better for the heartbeats and even good for the body. The study of 2014 concluded the result that the people would drink a cup of coffee a day can actually reduce the risk of having heart attack. So the coffee is not bad for our heart.

People are addicting by drinking coffee:

Nowadays, most people have to drink a cup of coffee three times in a day because of their stress. It is not good for health and also people could not have good effects by drinking coffee in the body for taking so many times. According to the drug and food administration, people do not get good effects and are also able to concentrate their work untimed, unless people use more coffee.

Hard to sleep:

If people can take coffee five times per day, they do not get to sleep as soon because coffee can make it difficult to fall asleep. During the night, people can feel brisk even if they want to go to bed.

Ingredients may be bad for you:

  The ingredients are easy to take a good healthy drink and also convert it into caloric night mare. It contains empty calories when sugar is added, whole milk or cream added means it becomes saturated fats. So the coffee contains a combination of both good and bad. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee.

Advantages of drink coffee:

Coffee can have an active ingredient named caffeine and it is commonly consumed by a name called psychoactive substance in the world. Coffee can improve physical health performance and can also help to burn fat. The primary mechanism of caffeine in the brain is working to block the inhibitory neurotransmitter and it is known as Adenosine.

By several mechanisms, coffee can also develop athletic performance including fatty acids from fat tissues. One of the main advantages is reducing the commercial fats by burning supplements. 

Coffee can make you smarter as well. Not only make you smarter but also protect your brain in small age. If you want to live longer, coffee is one of the best drinks to live long and it can prevent some health diseases

Disadvantages of drink coffee:

If People drink too much coffee per day, it makes body weight and also raise our blood sugar levels going up and down. Suppose a person usually can add a little bit more sugar in a coffee daily, it gives high sugar in the blood and the person does not control their hunger. So it is better to reduce and avoid the coffee day by day.

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